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    Honeywell Easy to Care Removeable Top Fill Console Humidifier HEV6808

    Price:  $104.50

    EasyToCare Console Humidifier. Create soothing, invisible moisture and get dry air relief for multiple rooms in your home with the Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Console Humidifier. Designed for high moisture output, this large humidifier has two 1.5-gallon tanks and can run up to 24 hours on the low setting. The two removable top-fill water tanks each have a large opening and can be filled easily at the sink or with a pitcher. This advanced humidifier has an adjustable humidistat with high, medium, and low speed settings, and it automatically turns on and off to maintain your desired humidity level. The air humidifier also shuts off automatically when the tanks are empty and has a refill light that signals when the tanks need to be filled. This Honeywell cool mist humidifier includes a wicking filter that removes minerals from water, reducing white dust in hard water areas and providing clean moisture output. The filter is treated with Protec antimicrobial to inhibit up to 99.99 percent of mold growth. To ensure optimal product performance, use only genuine Honeywell Replacement Wicking Filter Model HC-14 (Filter E), which inhibits up to 99.99% of mold growth on the filter.

    The Honeywell HEV-680B Top-Fill Console Cool Moisture Humidifier features two removable Top-Fill tanks which you can fill by pouring water directly into the humidifier, or you can carry the tanks to a sink to fill. The wide tank openings makes this humidifier easy to clean, and the 3 gallon water capacity plus high moisture output makes this cool moisture humidifier ideal for large rooms and open spaces.

    Soothing, invisible moisture for multiple rooms.

    • 2 easy ways to fill - at the humidifier or carry to the sink to fill
    • Easy to Fill - Removable top fill design
    • Easy to Use - Optimized for high moisture output
    • Easy to Clean - wide tank opening & large surfaces
    • Adjustable humidistat automatically turns humidifier on and off to maintain set humidity levels
    • Three speed settings to adjust moisture output and sound level
    • 'Humidity Reached' and 'Tank Empty' indicator lights
    • Durable tank design resists breaking
    • Wicking filter removes impurities from water reducing white dust and providing clean moisture output

    Why Humidify?
    The warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold. That's why it feels more humid in the summer. Cold air does not hold as much moisture as warm air. In cold winter months, a humidifier can add moisture to the room air, making the room feel more comfortable. Raising the humidity level in a cool, dry room also makes it feel warmer.

    Benefits of keeping indoor humidity levels between 40-60%

    • Helps temporarily relieve dry air discomforts.
    • Optimized Filter Design maximizes moisture output.
    • Comfortable humidity helps temporarily relieve congestion and cough.
    • Filter captures minerals and pollutants from water and helps prevent white dust.
    • Comfortable humidity helps keep throat and nasal passages hydrated.
    • Helps you breath better and sleep more comfortably.
    • Helps keep plants healthier: Using a humidifier helps return moisture to the air promoting plant growth.
    • Helps reduce static electricity: Returning moisture to dry air helps reduce static shocks.
    • Helps protect furniture: Low humidity causes wood to lose moisture and shrink. Extreme changes can cause warping and cracking.


    • Dual Top-Fill Removable Tanks - fill at the humidifier, or carry to the sink to fill
    • Evaporative technology produces invisible moisture with no white dust
    • Adjustable mechanical humidistat maintains your desired humidity level
    • Automatically shuts off when desired humidity level is reached or when unit is empty
    • Easy to Clean - large tank openings allow for easy cleaning
    • Durable Tank Design - resists breaking
    • Refill indicator lets you know when humidifier needs to be refilled
    • Translucent water tanks also show water level at a glance
    • Protec antimicrobial treated wick filter helps extend filter life
    • Replaceable wick filter "E" HC-14 (included)
    • 3 year limited warranty


    • Humidifier Type: Cool mist evaporative
    • Daily Output: up to 5.5 Gallons
    • Room Size: Large
    • Water Capacity: 3 gallons (dual 1.5 gallon top-fill removable tanks)
    • Fan Speeds: 3
    • Run Time: up to 24 hours per fill (on low speed)
    • Dimensions: 22" W x 14" D x 14.5" H
    • Weight: 13.85 lbs

    What's Included:

    • HEV680-B Humidifier
    • HC-14 Wick Filter
    • Product Manual
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