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    Instant Immersion English Levels 1, 2 & 3 Family Edition

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    Product Information

    Whether you are learning English for school, work or your next vacation, Instant Immersion's fun and effective exercises, interactive activities and challenging quizzes in our language learning software will help you achieve language fluency in less time than other language systems. You will think, read and speak English with ease. The software and DVD components of this product support native Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Latin America Spanish speakers who want to learn English. The MP3 audio CD is only available for native Spanish speakers who want to learn English.


    • Level 1 - Level 1 teaches you the essential words and phrases you will need in order to get around with ease. Learn basic English vocabulary and everyday phrases in no time! Topics include first words, food, colors, phrases, body parts, numbers, time, shopping, countries and more. Practice with virtual flashcards, play games and use the record-and-playback feature within the language software to practice pronunciation. Also includes a printable picture dictionary.
    • Level 2 - Learn more complex English phrases, correct pronunciation and how to converse in English. Talk about sports and hobbies, family, friends and work! Other topics include the alphabet, greetings, restaurant, hotel, business, technology, computers, emergencies and travel. Quiz yourself, record your progress or print out the dictionary to practice each subject on the go.
    • Level 3 - Reach your English language learning goals by immersing yourself in advanced conversations that will refine your language skills and help you retain what you learned. Topics include people, food, animals, numbers, seasons, business and career, marketing and communications, IT, banking and more. Practice with image association, game show-style quizzes and story reconstruction, then test yourself and perfect your pronunciation with the recordable voice feature. Also includes a printable dictionary.
    • Level 3 Business - This level is dedicated to helping you communicate confidently in a business setting. You'll learn English vocabulary that relates specifically to careers and the workplace, including topics like banking, marketing and advertising, negotiating, e-mail, finance and much more. Just like in the other levels, you will be able to practice in these topics with quizzes, interactive dialogues and games, as well as perfect your English pronunciation with the Voice Recording Feature.

    Instant Immersion uses natural image-association techniques to help you learn English as easily as you learned your first language. With Instant Immersion, you will have more fun, save money and reach your language learning goals faster.

    You Will Be Able To:

    • Build your vocabulary
    • Get around with confidence
    • Converse with ease
    • Understand everyday language
    • Perfect your pronunciation

    What's in the Box

    • English Language Learning Software DVD
    • Interactive Video DVD
    • English Pocket Phrase Guide
    • Complete Audio Course on MP3 CD (Spanish to English)
    • License Key to Access the Download of the Levels of Software (instead of using the Software DVD for installation)
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