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    System Mechanic - Unlimited PCs

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    Product Information

    Fix and speed up your PC... Automatically!

    Frustrated by mysterious errors and slowdowns? Over 98% of PC slowdowns and other headaches are caused by faulty settings, clutter, and fragmentation that are a result of normal PC use. System Mechanic 8 makes your PC run like new again fixing registry errors, crashes and freezes allowing you to clean up system-clogging clutter boosting PC start time and Web speed up to 300%. Eliminate frustrating errors, crashes and freezes - solve annoying PC slowdowns, mysterious hesitations and pauses. Achieve peak PC performance in minutes.

    Includes over 50 tools and 200+ critical tests:

    Boosts Speed

    PCs slow down over time due to everyday use. Simple tasks start taking minutes... or hours to complete.

    • Startup Optimizer accelerates boot time up to 800%.
    • Registry Defrag streamlines system responsiveness
    • Deep Disk Defrag turbo charges program speeds
    • Memory Defrag tunes RAM for ultimate performance
    • Automatically accelerates PC startup 19 ways
    • Boosts Internet speeds up to 300%
    • Boosts speed using 12 unique acceleration methods

    Repairs Problems
    With normal use PCs accumulate problems that cause annoying errors, crashes and freezes.

    • Registry Repair resolves problems and stabilizes Windows
    • Drive Medic fixes hard drive errors to protect your data
    • Disaster Recovery Tools save the day if your PC won't start
    • Reconnects invalid broken shortcuts
    • Patent-pending ActiveCare maintains PC proactively
    • Repairs over 30,000 different types of problems and errors

    Cleans Up Clutter
    Without regular cleaning PCs are plagued by gigabytes of junk that waste precious drive space and memory.

    • Junk File Removal frees gigabytes of wasted space.
    • Internet Cleanup clears Web clutter and boosts surfing speed.
    • Duplicate File Cleaner finds and removes useless
    • Cleans up over 50 different types of junk files
    • Removes invalid uninstallers and programs
    • Wipes Internet history, clutter and cache
    • Uses patented technology to keep your PC running like new

    Plugs Security Holes
    Security flaws let hackers, viruses and ID thieves gain access to your PC, resulting in theft and data loss.

    • Security Optimizer shields against intrusions and attacks.
    • System Guard blocks unauthorized system changes.
    • Registry Backup insures you against Windows corruption
    • 9999 pass secure file wiping technology
    • Automatically blocks dangerous or unwanted programs and configuration change
    • Erases browser, MS Office and search history.

    Customization, reports and support

    • Customize hundreds of hidden Windows settings
    • Detailed system configuration reports
    • Full undo capability with historical logs
    • Detail and description database of all running processes, installed programs and startup items

    System Requirements

    • The ADVANCED PC Performance Package
    • Installs this tune-up utility on ALL the PCs in your household for 1 Year.
    • Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

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