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    Microsoft Windows Services for NetWare 5.0 (519-00143)

    Price:  $15.16

    Microsoft Services for NetWare, a bundle of add-on utilities for Windows NT Server 4.0, is designed to allow users of the Novell NetWare network operating system to enhance their networks with Windows NT Server. Services for NetWare, comprised of File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW) and Directory Service Manager for NetWare (DSMN), is part of an overall Microsoft strategy to ease integration and interoperability of the Windows NT Server and Novell NetWare operating systems. For this release, FPNW and DSMN are offered as a bundled solution called Services for NetWare.

    Benefits include support for the Windows 95 graphical user interface (also available with Windows NT Server 4.0), and support for the Windows NT Administration Tools for Windows 95. These tools allow you to administer FPNW/DSMN servers from Windows 95 clients. It also offers improvements in performance over Windows NT 3.51 running File and Print Services for NetWare. The Web administration tool for Windows NT Server supports FPNW, and allows an FPNW server to be administered through a Web browser.
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